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Guideline: counselling of women to improve breastfeeding practices

A guideline commissioned by the WHO provides global, evidence-informed recommendations on breastfeeding counselling as a public health intervention, to improve breastfeeding practices among pregnant women and mothers who intend to breastfeed, or are currently breastfeeding, and their infants and children. 

Who is it  for? 

For use by a wide audience, including policy-makers, their expert advisers, and technical and programme staff at government institutions and organisations involved in the design, implementation and scaling up of programmes of breastfeeding counselling and nutrition sensitive actions for infant  and young child feeding programmes.  

Why is it useful? 

  • The guideline examines the evidence and makes recommendations and remarks on implementing some of the details of breastfeeding counselling, such as frequency, timing, mode, and provider of breastfeeding counselling, to improve breastfeeding practices. 
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