Health Care for ECD
Nurturing care handbook

A WHO handbook, which is part of a set of resources for implementing the Nurturing Care Framework. The handbook is composed of six guides. The “Start Hhere” guide provides a general orientation. The remaining five guides correspond to the five strategic actions of the Nurturing Care Framework, which are “Lead and invest”, “Focus on families and communities”, “Strengthen services”, “Monitor progress”, and “Scale up and innovate”. 

Who is it for? 

For use by policy-makers and legislators, programme managers and technical staff, practitioners in health and education, responsible for child protection and welfare, funders and development partners, including the private sector, and Early Child Development (ECD)ECD advocates and champions. 

Why is it useful?  

  • The handbook includes practical advice on working in programme cycles, engaging all stakeholders, and doing advocacy; 
  • The “Lead and invest” guide explores how to do governance, planning, and financing; 
  • The “Focus on families and communitie”s guide explores how to listen to families, encourage communities, and use the media; 
  • The “Strengthen services” guide explores how to build systems, improve the workforce, and provide three-level support; 
  • The “Monitor progress” guide explores how to monitor populations, implementation, and individual children’s development; 
  • And the “Scale up and innovate” guide explores how to expand programmes, engage with the private sector, and use digital solutions. 
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