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Website: IMPACT measures tool®

A digital tool that allows anyone interested in early childhood measurement and evaluation to search, compare, and access measures scored on four key categories of usability, cost, cultural relevance, and technical merit. The IMPACT Measures Tool® is an effort led by the Early Childhood Precision, Innovation, and Shared Measurement (EC PRISM®) programme under the umbrella of the Institute for Child Success.  

Who is it for? 

For use by policymakers, service providers, government agencies, funders, and business leaders focused on early childhood development (ECD), healthcare, and education. 

Why is it useful? 

  • In September 2022, they summarised information on 259 ECD-related measures. 
  • They provide consultation nationally and across the globe. Their expertise in the field of early childhood development, combined with skills in programme development, implementation, and evaluation, allows them a unique perspective in the early childhood ecosystem. 
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